Box Tops, UPC’s & Points for Education

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We are collecting labels for our libraries. There are 4 different labels we are collecting:

Labels for Learning: Our Family brand. Any Our Family UPC’s can be cut out and we can send them in. Each UPC is worth 5¢.

Check out more about Our Family brands at :Our Family Foods

Boxtops for Education: Cut out the box tops for education and help the libraries earn money. Each boxtop is worth 10¢. For a list of Box Tops products check out: Boxtops for Education

Loaves 4 Learning:    Scan 2016-6-1 0011            and          Scan 2016-6-1 0002

Clip the UPC from and Country Hearth or Village Hearth item and give to the school. Each upc is worth 5¢. For more information go to: Loaves for Learning

Please clip and give the labels to the school. Thanks!


Tabs for McDonald's

Drop off tabs from pop cans and we will deliver them to the Ronald McDonald House in Fargo.