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Selection/Collection Development Policy
The purpose of the Satre memorial Milnor School Library(SMMSL) is to provide all individuals in the community with carefully selected books and other materials to aid the individual in the pursuit of education, information, research, pleasure, and the creative use of leisure time.
Because of the volume of publishing, as well as the limitations of budget and space, the library must have a selection policy with which to meet community interests and needs.
The materials selection/collection development policy is used by the library staff in the selection of materials.
The Library Bill of Rights and The Freedom to Read Statement have been endorsed by the Satre Memorial Milnor School Library.
The materials selection/collection development policy, like all other policies, will be reviewed and/or revised as the need arises.
The ultimate responsibility for selection of library materials rests with the library director who operates within the framework of the policies determined by Satre Memorial Milnor School Library Board.
Criteria for Selection
The main points considered in the selection of materials are:
            Individual merit of each item
            Popular appeal/demand
            Suitability of material for the clientele
            Existing library holdings
Reviews are a major source of information about new materials. Reviews are not limited to one source.
Consideration is given to request from library patrons and books discussed on public media. Materials are judged on the basis of the work as a whole, not on a part taken out o context.
Challenged Materials
Although materials are carefully selected, there can arise differences of opinion regarding suitable materials. There is an informal complaint or Request for reconsideration of material form which is brought to the Library Board.

Public Library Procedures for Handling Formal Complaints

Public Library Procedures for Handling Formal Complaints

The following steps will be used when an individual feels that further action is necessary to address concerns about a library resource. For the duration of this process, the material in question will remain in circulation in the library collection.

  1. A concerned patron who is dissatisfied with earlier informal discussions will be offered a packet of materials that includes the library’s mission statement, selection policy, reconsideration form, and the Library Bill of Rights.
  2. Patrons are required to complete and submit a reconsideration form to the library director.
  3. The director, with appropriate professional staff, will review the reconsideration form and the material in question, to consider whether its selection follows the criteria stated in the collection policy.
  4. Within 15 business days, the director will make a decision and send a letter to the concerned person who requested the reconsideration, stating the reasons for the decision.
  5. If the individual is not satisfied with the decision, a written appeal may be submitted within 10 business days to the Board of Trustees.
  6. If the board plans to address the appeal at their board meeting, the individual will be notified of when and where the meeting will be held.
  7. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to limit the length of public comments.
  8. The decision of the board is final.

Public Library Request for Reconsideration of Material Form

Public Library Request for Reconsideration of Material Form

The trustees of Satre Memorial Milnor School Library have established a materials selection policy and a procedure for gathering input about particular items. Completion of this form is the first step in that procedure. If you wish to request reconsideration of a resource, please return the completed form to the library director.

Satre Memorial Milnor School Library
PO Box 369
Milnor, ND 58060

Date ___________________________________________________________
Name __________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________
City ____________________________ State/Zip _______________________
Phone __________________________ Email __________________________

Do you represent self? ____ Or an organization? ____ Name of Organization ___________________________

1. Resource on which you are commenting:
___ Book (e-book) ___ Movie ___ Magazine ___ Audio Recording
___ Digital Resource ___ Game ___ Newspaper ___ Other

Title ________________________________________________________________________
Author/Producer _______________________________________________________________

2. What brought this resource to your attention?

3. Have you examined the entire resource? If not, what sections did you review?

4. What concerns you about the resource?

5. Are there resource(s) you suggest to provide additional information and/or other viewpoints on this topic?

6. What action are you requesting the committee consider?

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